10 Social Media Content Ideas and Examples for Brands

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A social media presence is as ubiquitous as opening a store.

As a result, people have come to expect your business to be active on social networks – even if you just want them to follow you and not necessarily interact with your content.

Here are 10 social media content ideas that you can use to build up your social media content.

1) Create a video series about your brand or product. This is an excellent way to get people talking, engage with them on their level, and build trust in your company. You can create videos using any platform: YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, etc.

2) Use live streaming as part of your marketing strategy. It allows you to connect directly with customers and prospects while they are online.

3) Share customer testimonials. There’s nothing that wins people over more than hearing it from the source, another person (i.e., not your brand).

4) Invite others to join the conversation on social media with #hashtags and use influencers in your industry to drive engagement.

5) Share current articles from sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine. They offer interesting insights that can help your brand become a thought leader.

6) Run contests and giveaways for free products, gift cards, etc. You may require entries to be made on social media for higher chances of winning.

7) Use customer service as an opportunity to showcase how brands should engage with customers via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

8) Posting relevant articles from other sites is an excellent way to drive engagement with your content, but don’t forget to include a couple of original posts in each social media update for greater impact.

9) Share behind the scenes pictures or videos of what goes on at your company or organization to offer more insight into your brand.

10) Announce new products and services to followers on social media. This helps build trust in your brand and get people talking as you try to expand your customer base.


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