How we growth hack 300k+ impressions on Instagram Marketing on a small budget of S$245.
With a small budget, we growth hacked Instagram marketing to unbelievable stats. It’s an art more than science.

How we growth hack 300k+ impressions on Instagram Marketing on a small budget of S$245.

Shown above; is one of the monthly statistics of one of our client’s Instagram account. 
To give a context into how successful this campaign is, here are relatable statistics
1. The average monthly readership of Strait Times is on print & digital is about 350k – 400k  readers.  (SPH Annual Report 2017)
2. The weekly reach of Singapore’s radio station 98.7 FM  is about 300k listeners.

However, advertising on either platforms costs way beyond the budget of S$245 that we spent. In addition, we were specific about the demographics & interest of our audiences.  The analysis of the posts’ engagements indicates high accuracy in targeting our intended audiences.

How did we do it?

Based on our experience in Instagram marketing – It’s an art more than science. We hope that by sharing, you’ll find it useful and be more incline to share your tips as well!

1.  Regular postings

Remember the ice-cream man who will come by your neighbourhood at a specific time in the evening? Remember how some of us actually look forward to the sound of the ice-cream bells ringing? 

That relationship with us as children or even adults did not happen overnight. At first, you may not have noticed the ice-man. Then you noticed him but you did not buy any ice-creams from him. Eventually, you grew accustom to his presence and buy ice-creams from him. And when he fails to turn up for the day, some of you actually look for him. 

Well, the same concept applies – except your presence is in social media instagram marketing. Your potential customers will habitually log into their social media at about the same time every day. 

You have to post at least a post a day or alternate days and at the exact time. Do this consistently and you’ll start to see the stats increase in an upswelling fashion.

Feel your audience and be authentic

The marketing old adage of knowing and understanding your audience is not enough. It’s not just about the demographics or the right colours or the right copy. The basic applies but your audience is a very organic group of entity that you have to have a feel for. 

One of the reasons, we believe, why Instagram marketing is so different than it used to be is because social media has become so ephemeral. The lifetime of a content generated lasts for a very short time.

In our experience, there were posts that we expected to do well because it has the right colours, copy and appeal but flop. And there were others that we did not expect to do well but performed better than others.

We did, however, apply a single principle across all our posts – is to be authentic. What we realise is that, the more authentic we are – whether in a form of taking the photographs, or writing the copy or designing the graphics, the better the posts tends to perform.

Unfortunately, as simple as it sounds, authenticity is actually very hard to recreate in a scientific manner. It’s an art of feeling your audience and really trying to be the best that you are as a company or as a brand. You would have to know what you stand for and what your values are to really stand out as an authentic brand or company.

3. Adopt a little combination strategy.

Most companies have this little problem:

Posts of a promotional nature always perform poorly. Posts of a random and quirky nature tends to fare better instead. 

So how do you solve this problem? At the same time, do you notice the following messages that Instagram sends from time to to time recommending you to promote the post?

Firstly, it’s not a way to scam more money of your advertising budget. It’s actually very useful if you understand the basic fundamentals of Instagram’s business model. 

You see, advertising in Instagram is a double edge sword. The goal of Instagram is to increase the amount of time spent on it. Ads, when irrelevant, becomes spammy  and decreases the amount of time a user spend on Instagram. And ads, when relevant increases the amount of time spent instead.

The goal for you is to promote the posts that Instagram recommends but tweak the call-to-action to meet your needs. This way, it’s a win-win for Instagram and you!

Your customer ads journey

Knowing the above, treat your promoted posts/ads not as a single exposure but as a journey that you would like your audience to embark on. 

For example, improve your instagram profile and carefully manage the last 9 images. Then promote the posts that are doing well with a call-to-action to your profile. At the same time, advertise the posts  that are promotional in nature to the same audience to help increase conversion rates. 

When done correctly, the results can be tremendously satisfying!

What’s your secret to success in Instagram marketing?

What are your strategies to grow and increase engagement on your Instagram accounts? Have you tried any of the above and fail? 
Do comment below!

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