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Honest and reliable. We’ve been cheated so many times before Papertoaster and we wanted to start on a really small budget. To our surprise, they were absolutely fine with it. In fact, their motto of growing with clients is just that. Our accounts have naturally grown bigger with them simply because our business is clearly growing.

Senior Manager, BBQ Tonight

Clearly one of the most effective and affordable growth agency in Singapore. No fuss, set up and forget. They run like clockwork optimising your marketing week on week basis without the need to push.

Owner, Miska

They say the house always wins. When it comes to consumer behaviour, Papertoaster is the house. One should never bet against the house. Don’t be like me! Count yourself lucky if you’re in their company. Amin is brilliant! He has tricks up his sleeves and walks the talk. Amin will not show you things that he has not done before and his extensive experience in startups shines. Amin has been mentoring my team, WhoseDoctor, from the beginning of our stint at the NTUitive Venture Building program and he was awarded Best Mentor!

Founder, WhoseDoctor

OMG – The content created by the team at Papertoaster was not only delightful but effective at helping me get new customers.

Founder, Okieco

“As a business owner, I was looking for ways to grow my company. I contacted the team at Papertoaster, and they exceeded my expectations. Their team of dedicated professionals took the time to understand my needs and develop a customized strategy to help me reach my goals. Thanks to their expertise and hard work, I have seen tremendous results quickly. Everyone I worked with was knowledgeable, reliable, and professional. I would highly recommend the services of Papertoaster.”

Christian Marcil
CEO, Grandier Co

Working with Papertoaster was a great experience. Their growth hacking services gave us the tools and strategy we needed to tackle our toughest problem-solving challenges. With their AI-driven content generation and personalized style guidance, Papertoaster created a unique and powerful solution tailored to our specific needs. We found their customer support to be incredibly helpful and responsive, and their team’s expertise in problem solving was an invaluable asset to our business. We highly recommend Papertoaster for any growth hacking or problem solving services.

Bianca Hammound
COO, Manjit

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