We help companies scale 10x.

We've helped hundreds of companies grow through our suite growth products, fund raising and networking since 2012.

We’re a small team comprising of data scientists, technology engineers, resourceful growth hackers and hard hitting hustlers committed to help small and medium companies. Over the past decade, we’ve built scalable companies and help others grow and scale 10x their current levels.

From time to time, we conduct workshops and webinars sharing the useful knowledge we’ve gained from interacting with the companies we’ve helped.

Our growth Products

A suite of growth products that is designed to be affordable and easy to deploy to help small and medium companies grow and scale.

1 Social

1social is a service that focuses on building a strong client brand through social media content. Each package is affordable and designed perfectly to fit a small company's budget.



Amplihive is a service that focuses on helping companies engage influencers that are able to deliver high performance campaigns at rates that are able to fit a small company's budget.



Beargh is a service that focuses on creating human centric high converting websites rapidly and affordably. This service applies to funnel pages, corporate sites and e-commerce sites.

Coming Soon

Growth Auditor

Get a comprehensive growth analysis of your company's strategy, plans and execution abilities. We will deep-dive through your analytics and processes to help you find clarity to move forward.

Coming Soon


Funder is a service that focuses on helping companies who are fund-raising to reach out to more investors. Companies who are interested are required to have the necessary documents ready.

Coming Soon

Branding and Design

We partner with Neu Entity to give you top of the line branding consultation and advices.

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