How Halalke grew to 5 figure monthly traffic in 3 months with Papertoaster





Project Budget

USD12,000 – 15,000 per annum


F&B, Listing Directory

Project Timeline

60 months (on-going)

Problem Statement

The Ambitious Vision of Halalke:
In the vast culinary landscape of Southeast Asia, a region renowned for its rich tapestry of flavors and dishes, Halalke envisioned itself as a beacon for halal food enthusiasts. The idea was simple yet ambitious: to create a comprehensive food listing directory that would cater to the needs of this niche yet significant audience. However, starting from ground zero, especially in the digital age, is no small feat, and Halalke was acutely aware of the challenges that lay ahead.

The Conundrum of Building Trust:
Launching a digital food listing directory, encompassing both a website and a social media presence, with minimal resources was the immediate challenge. But the complexity ran deeper. Food merchants, the backbone of such a platform, are discerning when it comes to where they list their establishments. Trust is paramount. A site or social media platform devoid of web traffic or lacking in engagement statistics would naturally raise skepticism. In an industry where reputation is everything, Halalke’s challenge was not just to exist, but to establish credibility and trust from the get-go.

The Importance of Digital Credibility:
In the age of digital proliferation, credibility is often gauged by numbers. Web visitors, social media followers, and engagement metrics serve as tangible indicators of a platform’s reach and influence. For Halalke, this was a catch-22 situation. To attract food merchants, they needed a robust digital presence, but building that presence without the backing of these merchants was a daunting task. The challenge was to strike a balance, ensuring that even with limited resources, they could create a digital footprint that resonated authenticity and promise.

Navigating the Landscape of Digital Trust:
Halalke stood at the precipice of a digital journey that demanded innovation, strategic foresight, and an unwavering commitment to their vision. In a world where digital trust is as crucial as the content one offers, they had to chart a path that would not only showcase the rich culinary offerings of Southeast Asia but also reassure merchants of their platform’s potential and value.

Utilising resources effectively for the long term growth.

A Strategic Focus on Long-Term Growth:
At Papertoaster, our approach to challenges is rooted in foresight and sustainability. While the allure of rapid growth through social media was tempting, we recognized the enduring value of a strong web presence for Halalke. Instead of chasing short-term gains, we prioritized building robust web assets, delving deep into crafting articles that not only resonated with the target audience but also significantly contributed to long-term SEO growth. Our aim was to create a foundation that would not just attract but retain and grow the audience over time.

Achieving Trust Through Web Traffic:
Our strategy bore fruit sooner than anticipated. In a span of just four months, Halalke’s web traffic surged to an impressive 15,000 monthly visitors. This wasn’t just a testament to the efficacy of our approach, but it also played a crucial role in enhancing Halalke’s credibility. For food merchants, these numbers served as tangible proof of Halalke’s growing influence and reach in the digital space. The platform was no longer an untested newcomer; it was rapidly establishing itself as a trusted name in the food listing directory niche.

Leveraging Web Success for Social Media Growth:
With a solid web foundation in place, it was time to turn our attention to social media. Using the momentum garnered from our web success, we initiated targeted campaigns, ensuring that every dollar spent was optimized for maximum reach and engagement. Despite operating on a micro ads budget, our strategic approach ensured that Halalke’s social media assets saw a remarkable surge in followership. This growth wasn’t just about numbers; it was about building a community of engaged and loyal followers, further cementing Halalke’s reputation in the food listing domain.

From Challenge to Success: Halalke’s Digital Transformation:

Through a blend of strategic foresight, innovative approaches, and unwavering commitment, we at Papertoaster transformed Halalke’s digital challenges into a success story. By prioritizing long-term growth, leveraging web success for social media gains, and always keeping the target audience at the forefront, Halalke’s journey from a newcomer to a trusted name stands as a testament to the power of well-executed digital strategies.

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