How Manjit developed a GTM strategy for penetration into the US market with Papertoaster



United States

Project Budget

USD50,000 – 75,000


B2C, Mental Wellness

Project Timeline

6 months

Problem Statement

Manjit stands as a beacon in the mental wellness domain, offering a specialized app focused on guided meditation. The app is enriched with high-quality soundtracks meticulously designed to facilitate users in achieving balanced and harmonious mental states. However, the journey of imparting mental tranquility faced its set of intricate challenges. The endeavor to materialize the vision of mental wellness called for strategic insights and directional wisdom, necessitating the integration of a fractional CMO. 

This need stemmed from a desire to not only devise and prioritize astute, coherent action plans but also to build and nurture a team that could seamlessly align with Manjit’s ethos of quality and excellence. The intrinsic challenge was to ensure that the fractional CMO could infuse strategic acumen and guide the organization in cultivating a team capable of crafting visuals and communications that reflect the high production values Manjit is acclaimed for.

The quest was not merely about meeting operational needs; it was about sculpting an organizational narrative that resonates with the superior quality and profound impact of Manjit’s offerings. Every strand of communication, every visual element needed to be a mirror reflecting the unparalleled quality and the dedication to mental wellness that is the cornerstone of Manjit.


Addressing this multifaceted challenge was crucial to enhancing organizational coherence and ensuring that the essence of Manjit’s offerings was accurately and compellingly communicated. It was about creating a symbiotic relationship between strategic direction, team dynamics, and communication excellence to elevate Manjit’s position as a leader in delivering premium mental wellness experiences.

Communicating Quality and Branding

Papertoaster embarked on a transformative journey with Manjit to accentuate its branding and communicate its commitment to quality effectively. Our strategies were intricately designed, aimed at harmonizing the brand’s essence with its external manifestations, ensuring each interaction reflects Manjit’s dedication to premium quality and mental wellness.

1. Strategic Brand Positioning and Messaging:
We delved deep into Manjit’s core values and unique selling propositions to craft a cohesive and compelling brand message. This approach was instrumental in presenting Manjit as a premium mental wellness app that stands synonymous with quality and effectiveness. By refining and reinforcing the brand messaging, we ensured that the communication is seamless and resonates with the high-quality production values that Manjit upholds.

2. Humanizing Brand Interactions:
Acknowledging the profound impact of personalized interactions, we spearheaded initiatives to humanize Manjit’s connection with its user base. We facilitated the creation of platforms where users and potential clients could experience the brand’s essence and its offerings in a more intimate and tangible manner. This endeavor was pivotal in fostering a deeper connection between Manjit and its audience, enabling them to experience the dedication and precision embedded in each soundtrack.

3. Enhanced Visual Communication:
To mirror the excellence of Manjit’s offerings, we worked meticulously to develop visual elements that are reflective of the brand’s quality and ethos. Every visual component was crafted with precision, serving as a testament to Manjit’s commitment to superior quality and mental well-being. This visual coherence played a crucial role in enhancing brand perception and establishing Manjit as a leader in the mental wellness domain.

4. Building a Robust Team:
Recognizing the importance of having a team that aligns with Manjit’s vision and quality standards, we advised on the assimilation of individuals who not only possess the requisite skills but also share the brand’s passion for mental wellness. This approach was instrumental in ensuring that every team member contributes to upholding and communicating the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Through our comprehensive and nuanced approach, Papertoaster has played a pivotal role in elevating Manjit’s brand presence and communicating its unwavering commitment to quality. Our endeavors have been instrumental in bridging the communication gap, allowing Manjit to resonate profoundly with its audience and reinforce its stance as a premium and reliable mental wellness app.

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